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For over 50 Years. Industrial
Cleaning Technology
For over 50 Years. Industrial
Cleaning Technology
For over 50 Years. Industrial
Cleaning Technology
For over 50 Years. Industrial
Cleaning Technology
For over 50 Years. Industrial
Cleaning Technology
For over 50 Years. Industrial
Cleaning Technology

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Zippel GmbH

Pommernstraße 29
93073 Neutraubling

Phone: +49 (9401) 9210-0
Fax: +49 (9401) 9210-25


Register court: Regensburg
Register No.: HRB 14073

VAT No.: DE293662929
General manager: Dunja Šimić

Concept & Design

Renoarde GmbH
Digital. Marketing. Design.

Osterhofener Straße 12
93055 Regensburg

Data Protection Officer
Diana Scholz

Through this website Zippel GmbH seeks to give comprehensive, up-do-date information to its clients and interested parties about its products and services. This website also gives visitors the opportunity to get in touch with us, make orders and carry out other procedures. We are pleased you have decided to visit us and use this website.

This website is based on latest web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery (JavaScript) and has been optimized for the following browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Internet Explorer (since version 7)

Limitation of liability

This website was devised with the greatest of care. However, Zippel accepts no responsibility for the given information being up-to-date, free of errors, accurate and complete and therefore accepts no liability for losses or damages of any kind incurred directly or indirectly from the use of the website, the online content, or the downloading of data. Zippel also accepts no liability for website contents of other operators which visitors of this website access through the links embedded here. Responsibility for such third party contents rests solely with their providers.

Moreover, no guarantees are accepted or warranties made for product features. We kindly ask you to get in contact directly with us if you have any queries about new developments, technical details, product delivery periods, or the availability of services. This disclaimer is to be regarded as part of the internet content which is referred to on this page. If sections or individual terms in this statement are not, or are no longer, or are not completely legal or correct, the content or validity of the remaining sections remain unaffected by such errors.

Intellectual property rights, trademark rights and special property rights

All texts, photos, graphics, logos and other contents on this website are protected by intellectual property rights and other protection laws. No copying, modification or use of the aforementioned contents in other electronic or printed publications is allowed without Zippel’s prior consent. All trademarks are copyrighted unless indicated otherwise and are intellectual property of Zippel GmbH.

Data protection

Compliance with statutory requirements for data protection and data security are matter of course for us. If there is an option for entering personal or business information (email address, name and address) within this internet content, revealing such information on the part of the user is expressly on a voluntary basis. We analyse, store and use your personal data (e.g. name, email) in order to give you access to particular information and to communicate with you. The email function on this website operates through an unprotected internet data structure. Zippel GmbH can therefore accept no guarantee with regard to confidentiality and completeness of data transfers. Please check what kind of information is suitable for sending over the internet before using the email function.

The use by third parties of contact information such as addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses published within the scope of this legal notice or similar statements as a means to send information which is not expressly requested is not allowed. The right to take legal action against senders of so-called spam-mails who are in breach of this ban is expressly reserved.

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Unternehmen / About Us / О нас

Nachhaltigkeit/­Umweltmanagement / Sustainability/Environmental Management / Управление устойчивым развитием/Охраной окружающей среды
©Konstantin | #210223382 |

Mitarbeitende / Employees / Сотрудники
©naka | #25848243 |

Qualität der Produkte / Product Quality / Качество продукции
©EtiAmmos | #210792566 |

Karriere / Careers / Карьера

© | #126279480 |

Branchen / Industries / Отрасли промышленности

Auto­mobil­industrie und Automotive / Automobile and Automotive Industries / Автомобильная и автотракторная промышленность
©bint87 | #312892875 |

Bahn und Schienen­verkehr / Railway and Rail Transport / Железная дорога и железнодорожный транспорт
©serjiob74 | #162905859 |

Electro Vehicles / Электротранспорт:
©aanbetta | #278287312 |

Elektro­industrie / Electrical Industry / Электротехническая промышленность
©Irina Burakova | #298962596 |

Gastro­nomie / Gastronomy / Предприятия общественного питания
©Grispb | #309675285 |

Haus­halts­waren­hersteller / Household Goods Manufacturers / Производители предметов домашнего хозяйства
©Grispb | #309675285 |

Hersteller von Haus­halts­maschinen / Manufacturer of Household Machines / Производители бытовой техники
©ValentinValkov | #300315261 |

Hersteller von Bau­maschinen, Land­maschinen und LKWs / Manufacturers of Construction Machinery, Agricultural Machinery, and Trucks / Производители строительного оборудования, сельскохозяйственного оборудования и грузовых автомобилей
©xiaoliangge | #337254428 |

Kosmetik­industrie / Cosmetics Industry / Косметическая промышленность
©Dima Anikin | #314589281 |

Kunst­stoff­industrie / Plastics Industry / Производство пластмасс
©digitalstock | #33630176 |

Logistik­industrie / Logistics Industry / Логистическая отрасль
©Travel mania | #313735618 |

Luft- und Raum­fahrt / Aerospace / Аэрокосмическая промышленность
©evannovostro | #137387581 |

Maschinen- und Anlagen­bau, Werk­stätten / Machine and Plant Engineering, Workshops / Станки и промышленные технологии, производственные цеха
©Olivier Le Moal | #11743349 |

Medizin­technik / Medical Technology / Медицинская техника
©Christian Schwier | #204560841 |

Schiffs­industrie / Shipbuilding Industry / Судостроение
©Redfox1980 | #175930117 |

Produkte / Products / Продукция

©Carbondale | #316483916 |

Service / Services / Услуги

Hilfestellung bei Standortwechsel / Assistance with relocation / Помощь в передислокации
©Hoda Bogdan | #59228443 |

Kontakt / Contact / Контакты

©md3d | #316893532 |

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