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For over 50 Years. Industrial
Cleaning Technology
For over 50 Years. Industrial
Cleaning Technology
For over 50 Years. Industrial
Cleaning Technology
For over 50 Years. Industrial
Cleaning Technology
For over 50 Years. Industrial
Cleaning Technology
For over 50 Years. Industrial
Cleaning Technology
Excellent service is our highest priority

Customer Care Hotline:
+49 (0)9401 9210 210

Customer Care

Service Sales

RFQ processing
Technical advice
Order processing

One contact person for advice and quotation
preparation through out delivery.
Faster and competent processing

Service Operation

One contact person from final acceptance:
Your personal service coordinator.
Professional customer service
Spare Parts
Preventive Maintenance

Our Zippel service team is your skilled point of contact for any queries or problems related to your Zippel system!

We are always there for you with qualified expertise – because we are committed to providing solid customer service on a long-term basis.

The Zippel service team is easy to reach by phone: our hotline is available round the clock. A short response time is important for us to be able to support you as swiftly as possible. After diagnosing the problem on the phone, we decide on the appropriate course of action.

If you have selected the Remote Diagnosis Interface for your system, we can carry out troubleshooting online and, where appropriate, take initial steps.

Our service staff are available for you in various locations across Germany. The service team of our Sugino Group supports us worldwide. This allows us to ensure optimal support for you internationally.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in the efficient service package we offer. We are happy to provide you with a quote for your individualised Zippel Service Plan.

Replacement parts service

Your production line’s productivity and safety are our key focus:

To avoid downtime occurring, we offer you a range of upgrades and help you source individual components, which we can often manufacture in-house.

When you purchase a Zippel system, we offer you a starter kit, so that you have the most important replacement parts on hand if need be.

If you need consumables, filters, cleaning agents or replacement parts for older Zippel systems, you can use our straightforward replacement parts service: we are happy to provide you with a quote, offer you original replacement parts and compile individual replacement parts packages for you. Many replacement parts and consumables are already in stock at our warehouse, meaning they are retrievable at short notice.

Customer Care Hotline:
+49 (0)9401 9210 210

Maintenance, servicing and review

Zippel systems are made up of high-quality components and are known for their long life cycles. But even the most robust system must be maintained and serviced.

With regular servicing and preventive measures carried out consistently, you can keep your system’s availability at a high level. You can also make use of the opportunity for our service staff to examine your system. We are happy to help you decide in good time when a service is required and to recommend the necessary measures.

We will gladly take over regular servicing of your systems. To this end, we offer maintenance and servicing contracts alongside individual services.

Training and courses

So that you can make optimal use of your cleaning system, we train your staff. A team of experts carries out a comprehensive training programme, continually passing on their extensive knowledge of maintenance, cleaning and technology, both theoretical and practical. If necessary, we are happy to offer refresher courses.

This means we can guarantee the required cleaning quality, optimal cleaning processes and reliable operation of your systems!

Repair service

Your system is reporting an error?

The quickest way to get your issue resolved is to call us. We can analyse the source of the error with you – either by phone or on location – and can find an optimal solution promptly.

Thanks to our diverse customer care unit, we can react swiftly, not just across Germany but also worldwide thanks to our integration into the Sugino Group, allowing us to ensure rapid restoration of your production processes.

Alteration and optimisation service

Your cleaning requirements have changed, or your Zippel system needs to be altered or modernised? Our professional team with their specialised knowledge are happy to help with advice or support. Even for older systems, a system alteration can prove an adequate alternative to the purchase of a new system, saving costs and time.
We can also support you in such topics as process management and process optimisation. Our engineering service team is happy to advise you.

Assistance with relocation

We ensure professional disassembly of your system, help you to rebuild it and accompany you during the process of returning your system to service.

Needless to say, we will also be at your side during a change of ownership and offer you our services as the new operator of our cleaning systems.


Do you have questions regarding replacement parts, repairs or another query? Our customer care unit is happy to help you on our free hotline: +49 (0)9401 9210 210.

For orders of replacement parts (including cleaning agents), questions regarding other services such as maintenance, alteration of a system, training, repairs, etc., please contact our customer care unit using the email address or using the Customer Services Form.

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