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Spray-Immersion System

We have developed our APOLLO spray-immersion system to intensify cleaning processes. It combines the positive properties of a chamber system with those of an immersion system, making it the perfect combination of both processes.

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Apollo 75 Showcase

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System benefits

  • Combined spray and immersion cleaning
  • Rotational and swivel movement of the batch / workpiece
  • Comprehensive cleaning of hard-to-access bores / cavities
  • Multiple processes and various media can be used in the same chamber (vacuum operation)

Area of use

The Zippel APOLLO cleaning system combines a chamber system with an immersion system. The system’s cylindrical shape permits rotation and swivelling of the batch, optimizing both spraying and injection flooding. Injection flooding describes the exchange of flooding medium during spray cleaning: Simultaneous flooding and nozzle pressurization take place in combination with constant medium filtration.

Ultrasonic cleaning can be integrated as well, making the cleaning process even more intense. The APOLLO system is also designed to permit the installation of various drying modules (vacuum drying, hot-air drying, warm-air drying). This enables us to respond specifically to individual customer requirements.

Functional description

This system type is made up of one or several cleaning chambers placed on media tanks. The workpieces are placed in a basket, a box, or on a customized goods carrier. The parts to be cleaned are then transported into the chamber via a loading unit (eg loading table) for easier handling. Loading can be automated or manual. The chamber is closed during the cleaning and drying process after insertion.

Treatment steps may include: (Ultrasonic) cleaning, (demineralized water) rinsing, flooding, and (vacuum) drying.

The cleaning and rinsing process can be performed either by spraying or flooding of the chamber. A rotation or swivel movement can move the goods to be cleaned past the spray lines. In this way, even hard-to-reach areas of the goods to be washed can be optimally cleaned

The cleaning medium is heated to the required cleaning temperature with electrical heating (immersion heaters) or mechanical heating via heat exchangers (hot water, thermal oil, gas heating, etc.). The temperature is kept constant throughout the process. The lines are flushed with air after each process in order to minimize medium carry-over.

This cleaning system has the advantage of hermetic sealing, which permits flooding and vacuum drying. Flooding enables ultrasonic cleaning. Selection of a suitable drying process or filtration technique depends on the workpiece and the required final condition. Loading and unloading can be automated or manual. All system process media are filtered for reprocessing and will remain in the cycle.

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