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Robot Cell

A robot cell comprises an HP deburring station and an immersion rinsing station. It has a wet area and a separate aggregate space. It works based on the continuous cycle principle. The part to be cleaned passes through one or several chambers one by one. It stops at a specified position for an adjustable cycle time. During this interval, a robot moves across the part to be cleaned with a cleaning, rinsing, high pressure, or drying nozzle.

Robots take care of workpiece transfer between the linking and washing system and the handling in the washing process. Workpiece carriers on chain conveyors are used for transport. The workpiece is positioned according to the programme.

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System benefits

This robot cell has the advantage of enormous flexibility since the robot can be adapted to a near-infinite number of cleaning parts and programmed accordingly. Nozzles and other parts do not need to be changed when new cleaning parts are added. A new programme can be activated simply and easily.

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