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The radish and potato spiral cutter RETTIMAT-Profi for gastronomy has proven its worth in restaurants, beer cellars, staff restaurants, or in beer gardens for years. The RETTIMAT-Profi is used primarily to save time and money in the kitchen in gastronomy when spiral-cutting radishes, potatoes, or fruit and vegetables.

The RETTIMAT-Profi can be found in different working areas, e.g. on the counter, on a table, or on a worktop in the kitchen. It is not meant to be permanently mounted but can be. The delivery does not include a collection vessel.

If you require any further information, feel free to contact us.

Functional description

The cleaned vegetables/fruit (peeled – without greens/stems) are inserted in a knife plate attached to the machine and fastened with a claw on the drive motor. After releasing the latch, pressure on a cutting blade automatically cuts the vegetables/fruit into thin spirals. The cut spirals drop into the container placed underneath or directly into a deep fryer (must be installed by the customer).

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