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Inline System

Our inline cleaning system is designed for cleaning of larger quantities. The ZD series is our innovative response to a need for high throughput rates.

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System advantages

  • Adaptation of the cycle time to up- or downstream systems
  • High degree of flexibility through individual cycle times
  • Variable transport speeds possible
  • Can handle high numbers of pieces

Area of use

Zippel inline systems can be customised for integration in nearly any type of production line. The cycle time can be adapted to the up- and downstream equipment depending on machine length, while maintaining best cleaning results.

Functional description

The parts to be cleaned are transferred to the continuous machine manually or automatically. The goods to be washed pass sequentially through treatment zones, continuously, cycled as required. Consideration of special customer requests in production is no problem for us. For example, we can integrate the unit into an existing conveyor system. Special designs, such as the O- or U-type, where the inlet and outlet positions are not necessarily on one line, can be produced upon customer request. Multiple-lane options are possible as well, in order to increase throughput or to clean different component shapes.

Treatment steps may include: Cleaning, rinsing, and drying, high-pressure cleaning, deburring, passivation, rinsing with demineralised water, and cooling. Vacuum drying can be added as well.

The workpiece is exposed to the spray process for cleaning and rinsing. High-pressure cleaning is performed by high-pressure nozzles integrated in the potential high-pressure zone. The workpiece is cleaned in a targeted manner this way, ensuring a dust-free texture after the process. Even strictly mechanical processing, e.g. in a brushing zone, is possible. The cleaning media are heated to the required cleaning temperature with electrical heating (immersion heaters) or mechanical heating via heat exchangers (hot water, thermal oil, gas heating, etc.). The temperature is kept constant throughout the process.

Selection of the appropriate cleaning and drying processes as well as a matching transport system (overhead or chain conveyor system) depends on the workpiece, cycle time, number of workpieces to be cleaned, and the required final condition. Intermediate zones designed as neutral or blow-off zones are integrated to reduce carry-over of media.

Additional treatment zones are designed based on requirements. All process media used in the system are filtered and returned into the circuit. Filtration is adjusted to the highest cleanliness requirements. After treatment, the workpieces are ready for removal and/or further transport. Workpiece unloading can be automated or manual.

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