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Glass Cleaning Systems

The classic that started it all is tried and tested and has been used successfully under highly challenging conditions: The glass-cleaning machine. Used in restaurants, in beer cellars, at fairs, in beer tents, in staff restaurants and canteen kitchens, this system is a true hero. Its use only requires an electrical connection and a water supply and drain.

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System benefits

  • Adaptation of cycle time to up- or downstream plants
  • High flexibility by individual cycle times
  • Variable transport speeds possible
  • High quantities possible

Area of use

These systems have proven their worth in cleaning glasses and jugs in restaurants, beer cellars, staff restaurants, and on the world’s largest fairs for many years. Glass cleaning systems are mostly used to facilitate counter operation and significantly improve hygiene in gastronomy. They have been tested and successfully used under the most challenging of conditions so far.

The systems can be used to clean anything from 2cl glasses to 1l jugs. The output volume varies from 800 to 2,500 units per hour, depending on the type of system.

Functional description

The glasses or jugs are placed on the conveyor or in baskets with the opening facing downwards. They are cleaned with detergent in a continuous cycle at an adjustable washing temperature. In order to prevent contamination of the suds tank, the draining liquid in the inlet zone is routed directly into the sewers. The glasses are rinsed with suds and clear water in the cleaning tunnel and can be taken away at the outlet hygienically cleaned.

We recommend our special detergent ZIWAMAT for cleaning.

System description

The systems comprise a suds tank with a tray mounted on it, incl. a conveyor belt and attached tunnel. The tray is divided into an inlet zone with residual material emptying, a cleaning zone with a container, a rinsing zone with clear water from the mains and an outlet zone. Glasses of various sizes are transported through the system on a belt conveyor. The system is made entirely of stainless steel. Only a power connection (16 A or 32 A plug), water supply and drain are required for connection.

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