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Chamber Systems

Our chamber systems (ZK) offer customers a cost-efficient and sophisticated technical solution for small numbers of pieces. Our machines clean workpieces in single or multi-chamber processes depending on your requirements.

Please visit our product showcase for further information:

ZKLT-120-2LB Showcase

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System benefits

  • Adjustable cleaning time/cycle times, multiple washing programs
  • Options available to wash many different parts

Area of use

Our ZK series works in a single-chamber process with multiple cleaning tanks and an integrated spray-cleaning system. This type of system is, therefore, particularly suitable for cleaning a large range of parts with small numbers of each piece. The cleaning process is based on a fully closed cleaning system that saves a lot of energy and provides and media recovery. We can also implement a multi-chamber solution instead of a single-chamber design to shorten the process cycle time.

Functional description

Our chamber systems are made up of cleaning chambers placed on top of media containers. The parts to be cleaned are placed in a basket, a box, or on a goods carrier. They are pushed into the chamber via a loading unit (e.g. loading table) for easier handling. Loading can be automated or manual. The chamber door is closed for cleaning after insertion.

Treatment steps may include: cleaning, rinsing, drying. Several cleaning/rinsing tanks can be used in each chamber system.

The chamber is equipped with rotation crosses (positive drive, rotating spraying crosses equipped with nozzles), spraying lances or movable registers – customised for best cleaning performance. The workpieces to be cleaned are subjected to the required spraying pressure via these structures.

Water-carrying goods carriers can be integrated as well. This enables our machines properly to clean even hard-to-reach areas of the goods to be washed. The lines are flushed with air after each cleaning process, to carry over as little media as possible.

The cleaning medium is heated to the required cleaning temperature with electrical heating (immersion heaters) or mechanical heating via heat exchangers (hot water, thermal oil, gas heating, etc.). The temperature is kept constant throughout the process. Selection of a suitable drying process depends on the workpiece and the required final condition. Loading and unloading can be automated or manual. All system process media are filtered for reprocessing and will remain in the cycle.

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