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For Over 50 Years. Industrial
Cleaning Technology


Zippel glass cleaning systems ensure smooth serving of drinks in gastronomy and comply with stringent cleaning and hygiene standards. They have successfully proven their worth in restaurants, in beer gardens, at fairs, in beer tents, in staff restaurants, and in canteen kitchens across Europe for more than half a century.

They are proven and successfully used under the most challenging of conditions in these environments. Several breweries, beverage producers, fairground hosts and pub proprietors, tent rental companies, and beverage vendors are among our satisfied customers. Breweries clean barrels, bakeries and butcheries clean crates and transport containers with Zippel systems.


Glass Cleaning Systems

The classic that started it all is tried and tested and has been used successfully under highly challenging conditions: The glass-cleaning machine.
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Reinigungsanlagen /


The radish and potato spiral cutter RETTIMAT-Profi for gastronomy has proven its worth in restaurants, beer cellars, staff restaurants, or in beer gardens for years.
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