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Our mission: Finding The Right Solutions for You

Our core competency is the design and manufacture of machines for industrial parts cleaning. We help our customers clean even the most complex of things, and always find the right solutions to suit your individual needs.

Automobile and Automotive Industries
Most car manufacturers around the world use our cleaning systems.

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Railway and Rail Transport
Our systems clean axles, wheels, and small car parts, and traction engines for the railway industry.
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Electro Vehicles
We are your contact for cleaning battery trays for electric motors, an area with increasingly strict cleanliness requirements.
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Electrical Industry
Our customers in the electrical industry use Zippel systems to clean circuit boards, electrical components and electricity meters.
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Zippel glass cleaning systems ensure smooth serving of drinks in gastronomy and comply with stringent cleaning and hygiene standards.
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Household Goods Manufacturers
Zippel systems help renowned manufacturers clean pans, pots, glasses, gas cartridges, water filters, jugs, and tableware during manufacture and before delivery to their customers.
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Manufacturer of Household Machines
Our systems even clean parts of washing machines.
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Manufacturers of Construction Machinery, Agricultural Machinery, and Trucks
Well-known customers from the construction and agricultural machinery/truck industries use Zippel systems to clean large engines and pistons, crankshafts, chassis components and many other parts.
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Explosive Ordnance Disposal/Security Technology
Our systems are used for cleaning defence and security technology. For example, we have cleaned defused bombs from World War II in preparation for melting them down.
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Cosmetics Industry
Zippel systems are used in a wide range of applications in the cosmetics industry. No matter whether you are cleaning lipstick tubes, filter housings, or razor blades: our systems clean your products and all their parts. Even the smallest parts are easy to handle for Zippel cleaning systems.
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Plastics Industry
Various moulds for injection moulding are cleaned in the plastics industry.
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Logistics Industry
Zippel's repertoire also includes cleaning parts from the logistics industry: Transport containers, hydraulic pipes, and parts of forklift trucks.
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We offer you systems for cleaning various parts.
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Machine and Plant Engineering, Workshops
Machine parts made of metal, plastics, and other materials are required during the manufacturing processes.
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Medical Technology
Medical technology has particularly high cleanliness requirements. Zippel cleaning systems can meet these for everyday use.
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Shipbuilding Industry
We build individual cleaning systems which are also used in the ship industry.
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Transport and Logistics
Metal and plastic transport containers are cleaned with Zippel systems by carriers in logistics and in the automotive industry.
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Since we are constantly expanding our expertise, we can also clean different components for you.
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