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Slide APOLLO 75 Spray-Immersion
Cleaning System

A big name that can be used for a wide range of industrial parts cleaning applications. As our motto – ‘Cleaning from Simple to Complex’ – sums up, this system can process parts weighing up to 100kg (optionally up to 160kg). The combination of different spray and immersion cleaning processes cleans even hard-to-reach spots like drill holes and recesses in a process-reliable way.

The Apollo can be used for a wide variety of end and intermediate cleaning processes. The freely programmable 360° rotation of the batch makes it possible to achieve optimal cleaning results. Integrating an ultrasonic cleaning method removes film-like and particulate contamination even better.

Adding various drying modules, such as warm air, hot air or vacuum drying modules, completes this standard system from Zippel.

Compact, process-reliable and energy-efficient systems with an optimal price-quality ratio.

Zippel Reinigungsanlagen
Compact, ready-to-fit constructions that take up little space
Low-maintenance system structure
Integrated collection tray in accordance with Section 19 of the WHG (German Water Management Act)
Energy-efficient operation:
All washing media in the system is filtered so that it can be reused and it remains in the circulation system
Speed regulation of all electric drives to optimise energy consumption
Use of standard wash baskets
Optional vacuum drying and ultrasound
Optional automated loading and unloading
Pressure regulation of the nozzle lines
Combination of spray and immersion cleaning
Sound level of the system < 70 dB(A)
Freely programmable 360° rotation of the batch
Chamber and container designed with no dead space
High-quality stainless steel model in line with Zippel quality standards

Function description

This type of system consists of a cleaning chamber with a rotation unit, an automated lifting door and a media container that lays beneath. The parts are placed in a standard wash basket or in an individually designed goods carrier and then put into the process chamber. The system is operated via a 7″ touch panel.


The loading can either be automated or can be done manually. The system can clean both small parts or precision mechanical parts, and larger cast parts weighing up to 100 kg (optionally up to 160 kg).

Possible treatment steps include:
(Ultrasonic) cleaning, (DI water) rinsing, immersion and (vacuum) drying.

Cleaning process

The cleaning and rinsing can be done either as a spray or as an immersion process. The freely programmable rotation movement allows the items to be cleaned to be guided past the spray lines. This means that even hard-to-reach spots can be thoroughly cleaned.

Media preparation

The cleaning medium is heated up to the required cleaning temperature with electrical heating elements. This temperature is then kept constant for the entire duration of the process. To minimise any media carry over, the spray lines are blown out with compressed air after each process step.

There is the option to integrate the powerful EcoSep mini coalescence oil separator. Alternatively, the Zippel HM-Z Microblast Generator can be easily connected with quick-release couplings.

Technical specifications

System properties

Usable space (D x W x H)

Euro box pallet, L 651 x X W 471 x H 300 mm

Outer dimensions (D x W x H)

2400 x 1980 x 2300 mm (dimensions when installed)

Charging height

925 mm

Batch weight

100 kg / optionally 160 kg

Weight without medium

2200 kg

Weight with medium

3200 kg

Machine colour

Stainless steel 1.4301 polished / blue

Connection: Electric

AC 400 V, 50 Hz (3P+N+E), 65 kVA

Connection: Pneumatic

R 3/4”, 5-8 bar

Connection: Fresh water

R 1“, 3-4 bar

Connection: Effluent water

R 2”

Ultrasonic unit


Dual-Frequency 25/75 kHz

Drying systems

Hot blow system

650 m³/h, 11 kW Heating capacity, max. 90 °C

Vacuum drying

max. 160 m³/h | max. 3 kW | < 100 mbar in 30 s

Cleaning process

Medium tank

650 l

Volume flow rate

170 l/min. | 5 bar | 2 kW

Rapid immersion

170 l/min.


3 x 9 kW | 1.5 h from 20° C to 65 °C

Pump manufacturer


Filter system manufacturer

Eaton Gr. 1 | 20 m³/h

Rinsing process

Medium tank

350 l

Volume flow rate

170 l/min. | 5 bar | 2 kW


2 x 9 kW | 1.5 h from 20° C to 65 °C

Pump manufacturer


Filter system manufacturer

Eaton Gr. 1 | 20 m³/h

Subject to technical changes.


  • Vacuum drying
  • Ultrasonic cleaning system
  • Work space adjustment for different basket sizes
  • EcoSep mini oil separator – powerful coalescence oil separator with monitoring of the oil collection container
  • Automatic chemical dosing with water meter
  • Oscillating nozzles
  • Observation window in the lifting door
  • Emptying pump
  • User-friendly 9” touch panel with graphic process visualisation
  • Illuminated work chamber
  • Illuminated maintenance room
  • Eaton Filter Gr. 2 40 m³/h with absolute or nominal filtration
  • Eaton magnetic filter insert
  • 11 kW air heater
  • 2. Fresh water connection for the cleaning tank
  • Modem for remote maintenance of the control system
  • Bath activation using compressed air
  • HM-Z unit – Bath cleaning
  • Additional wire-mesh basket L 651 x W 469 x H 300 mm
  • Charging car
  • Manual roller conveyor
  • Automatic transfer system
  • Apollo 75 1LB 550 Litre – Width 1500 mm
  • Apollo 75 3LB 300 Litre – Width 2350 mm

We would like to point out that all optional add-ons can alter the size of the machine and as such not all options can be installed.

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