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Cleaning Solutions
Reliable, long-life products and solutions

Chamber Systems

Our chamber systems (ZK) offer customers a cost-efficient and sophisticated technical solution for small numbers of pieces.
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Spray-Immersion System

We have developed our APOLLO spray-immersion system to intensify cleaning processes.
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Water Treatment Systems

We offer many solutions to clean process water for cost-efficient and environmentally compatible work.
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Inline System

Our inline cleaning system is designed for cleaning of larger quantities. The ZD series is our innovative response to a need for high throughput rates.
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Rotary Transfer System

We have developed the conventional multi-chamber system further in order to meet the constantly rising demands to shorter process times: Rotary transfer systems (RT) combine innovative technology with efficient cleaning.
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Immersion System

Our immersion systems (ZT) form an ideal solution for bulk material and individual parts alike.
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Robot Cell

A robot cell comprises an HP deburring station and an immersion rinsing station. It has a wet area and a separate aggregate space. It works based on the continuous cycle principle.
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Deburring Systems

The deburring process is used specifically for the removal of burrs.
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Brush Deburring

Brush deburring can be used for difficult deburring processes. The brushes can be used for cleaning even where deburring is not necessary.
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High-Pressure Water-Jet Deburring

The default machine series cleans and deburrs in one step using very high water pressure. The process is generally defined as high-pressure water-jet deburring.
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Glass Cleaning Systems

The classic that started it all is tried and tested and has been used successfully under highly challenging conditions: The glass-cleaning machine.
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The radish and potato spiral cutter RETTIMAT-Profi for gastronomy has proven its worth in restaurants, beer cellars, staff restaurants, or in beer gardens for years.
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System Accessories

No matter whether you are using vapour extraction systems, filter systems, devices, special washing part holders, or docking systems: we specialise in special machine engineering and complex issues.
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Special Cleaning Systems

Decades of experience in special machine engineering enable Zippel to meet our customers’ extraordinary needs.
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Conveyors and System Accessories

Are you still looking for additional accessories for your Zippel system? Are you trying to solve a special interface issue? Do you have any individual request?
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Used Systems

Are you looking to buy a Zippel system second hand?
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Excellent service is our highest priority

Our Zippel service team is your skilled point of contact for any queries or problems related to your Zippel system!

We are always there for you with qualified expertise – because we are committed to providing solid customer service on a long-term basis.

The Zippel service team is easy to reach by phone: our hotline is available round the clock. A short response time is important for us to be able to support you as swiftly as possible. After diagnosing the problem on the phone, we decide on the appropriate course of action.

If you have selected the Remote Diagnosis Interface for your system, we can carry out troubleshooting online and, where appropriate, take initial steps.

Our sales and service network is not only available to you throughout Germany – we work with partners worldwide. In this way, we ensure optimum support internationally, as well.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in the efficient service package we offer. We are happy to provide you with a quote for your individualised Zippel Service Plan.

Team experience

Dunja Šimić

Managing Director

Roman Siluk-Giusiano

Vice President of Sales

Stephan Teichmann

Chief Operating Officer

Wolfgang Kaufmann


Isabelle Tricot

Customer Care

Rainer Stenzel

Mechanical Design

Eugen Filbert

Electrical Engineering

Florian Fangauer


Ludwig Karl

Service Sales

Sebastian Funk


Danilo Wilhelm

Quality Management

Joseph Plankl


Monika Höpfl

Human Ressources

Natalie Funk



Visit us at the digital INTEC/Z Connect trade fair

We are participating in the 2021 INTEC/Z Connect trade fair and for the first time, it will be held digitally! We invite you to join us as at the digital exhibition stand on March 2nd and 3rd from 09:30 am - 04:00 pm, as we will be presenting our new standard machines! We are looking forward to meeting you there.


Success of the Past

Zippel can build the biggest cleaning machines! As early as 2004, Zippel was marching at the forefront of new development.

Record Dimensions of one of our Newest Plants

80 tons of powerful cleaning force! This plant, which we delivered in 2020, is 45 meters long and 8 meters high.

About us

Zippel has become a global leader in innovation in the area of industrial parts cleaning. As a specialist and skilled partner, we have attracted prominent customers from many areas, from the automotive industry to the production of gears.


Zippel GmbH
Pommernstraße 29
D-93073 Neutraubling

Phone: +49 (9401) 9210-0
Fax: +49 (9401) 9210-25

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